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£130.00 £110.00

Barrel Hoop Mirror

Circular wall mirror framed with a whisky barrel hoop.

The mirror measures 55cm in diameter and fits flush to the wall.

Perfect for home office, dining rooms, living room or bedroom. All put together by hand.

Great gift for any Whisky Fan!


Whisky Barrel Hoops

£40.00 £35.00

3 x Whisky Barrel Hoops

Each band has its own markings and rustic character from the aging associated with being used on a Whisky Barrel.

The bands are rusted metal which is typical of Whisky Barrels.

There are numerous artistic and fun ideas that can be made out of these metal bands – garden art, lights, mirror frames, wreaths and more.

Size: each is 2″ wide, 22″-26″ diameter