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Glass Quaich Bowl

£35.00 £25.00

A traditional Scottish drinking vessel, the Quaich bowl is given a modern makeover by Urban Bar. Dating back to the middle age Highlands, this unique vessel was originally made from wood, whereas this piece is made from glass. Now commonly made from metal, WBD glass quaich is a unique gift.

With 2 opposing handles the Quaich is synonymous with pairings, and is used as a gift at weddings and anniversaries to symbolise love and partnership. This glass bowl has Celtic style patterns on the outside of the bowl, therefore making it a unique gift.

Made for serving spirits, especially whisky, this serving piece is also used as a decoration. Place the bowl on a mantle, and due to its decorative nature it can contain further mementos from your wedding or anniversary.

Product Features

  • Soda-lime glass
  • Traditional Celtic style pattern
  • Double lugged – symbolising love and loyalty
  • Perfect wedding and anniversary gift
  • Dishwasher safe

Pot Still Whisky Decanter 75cl

£65.00 £55.00

Whisky Decanter Shaped Like a Pot Still

Present whisky in style with the Still Whisky Decanter. Taking your whisky full-circle, this decanter has the shape of a classic whisky still.

While this decanter is only a fraction the size of a real still, it still brings a sense of excitement when serving.

Product Features:

  • Whisky glass decanter
  • Shaped like a classic whisky still
  • Blown glass for organic curves
  • Present whisky in a unique fashion


Additional information

Weight 826 g
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 23.5 cm
Brand Urban Bar
Material Glass
Glass Properties Hand Made, No Seam, Soda-lime
Dishwasher Safe No
Colour Clear
Packaging Plain Box
Use Spirits, Whisky

Professional Spey Whisky Tasting Set

£65.00 £50.00

Professional Spey Whisky Tasting Set

Host your own whisky tasting sessions with the Spey Whisky Tasting Set. Consisting of high quality glassware, as used by distilleries and whisky professionals, this set is a great way to start your journey of whisky knowledge.

Spey Whisky Taster Glass 14cl

Used by distilleries around the world, the Spey Taster is a perfectly formed whisky nosing glass. With a classic copita shape, this glass has a rounded bowl for swirling your whisky, and a narrow rim for concentrating the vapours to your nose.

Spey Lid

Designed to fit with the Spey Whisky Taster, this whisky glass lid brings unique sense of style to your whisky tastings. Keep whisky vapours inside your pending glasses so as not to contaminate your nose during the active tasting.

Glass Water Pipette

To reveal new aromas in your whisky, the Glass Pipette allows you to add single drops of water to your spirit. Gradually dilute your whisky to perfection.

Spey Water Jug

This handmade glass jug is the perfect accompaniment to your whisky tasting sessions. Use in conjunction with the glass pipette, or for serving water in between tastings to neutralise your palate.

Set Contains:

  • 6 x Spey Taster Glass 14cl
  • 6 x Spey Lid
  • 1 x Glass Water Pipette
  • 1 x Spey Water Jug

Product Features:

  • Collection of whisky tasting glasses and accessories, as used by the professionals
  • Stem helps retain temperature of contents by keeping your hand away from the contents
  • Narrow mouth to collect and direct aromas, and a rounded bowl to swirl contents
  • Lid specifically designed to fit the taster glass – traps whisky vapours in your taster glass to prevent cross contamination of aromas, and prevents evaporation, saving the angel’s share in your glass
  • Pipette and water jug allows gradual dilution of your whisky to incrementally reveal new aromas and flavours
  • Dishwasher safe although we recommend hand washing all items to increase their lifespan

Please Note: All items are individually packaged, these products do not come boxed all together.



The Glen Dram Glass 28cl

£42.00 £36.00

The Glen Dram Glass 28cl


The rounded bowl gives plenty of room for swirling your spirit, while the narrowed rim directs aromas towards the nose.

The copita shape glass sits on top of a bold solid glass stem for a comfortable hold.

Suitable for all occasions, this whisky tumbler lets you sample from the cask, or drink on the rocks.

Product Features

  • Whisky tumbler
  • Tulip copita shape
  • Bulbous bowl to swirl contents
  • Narrow rim to direct the aromas up to the nose
  • Dishwasher safe

The Glen Dram Mini 9cl (set of 4)

£28.00 £24.00

The Glen Dram Mini Glass (9cl)

When sampling spirits, this mini glass is the ideal vessel. Designed after the popular Glen Dram Glass, this shorts glass suits tastings.

This glass has a unique profile, bringing a extra aesthetic to spirit service.

Giving plenty of room for a dram, this glass also has space leftover for the addition of water. Whatever your tasting requires, this small tumbler is a fantastic all-rounder for spirits.

Product Features:

  • Small whisky glass
  • Tulip shape
  • Ideal for sampling whiskies
  • Bold solid stem
  • Machine made glass
  • Dishwasher safe