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Also known as the ASB (American Standard Barrel), or Bourbon Barrel, due to its role as the principal size of cask used in the American Bourbon Whiskey Industry.

Barrels used for maturing bourbon are required by American law to be made from American white oak which has been charred prior to usage.

As these casks cannot be re-used to make bourbon, they experience a second life maturing Scotch Whisky.

Approximate Capacity: 200 Litres (40 Gallons)
Approximate Dimensions: Height: 880mm (35”) Top: 550mm (22”) Middle: 600mm (24”) Bottom: 550mm (22”)
Approximate Weight: 50kg

Bulk discounts available

We regularly deliver bulk loads throughout the UK, bulk loads consist off either 156 barrels or 234.

We can also arrange worldwide shipping via our export partners, supplied in 40ft High Cube Containers

Distillery Pallets


These distillery pallets are robust and can hold up to 6 ASB Casks and 5 Hogsheads.

Approximate Dimensions:

Width: 1.2m

Length: 1.9m

Hogshead Grade B


Grade B Rustic Hogshead, decoration only

A hogshead is essentially a barrel made from the staves of a bourbon cask with new oak ends.

Approximate capacity: 250 litres (66 gallons).

Approximate size: h. 900mm x w. 700mm


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Machine Puncheon/Sherry Puncheon


There are two types of puncheons – machine and sherry. The machine puncheon is short, fat and made from thick oak staves. The sherry puncheon is more elongated and is made from thinner oak staves.

Approximate capacity: 500 litres.

Approximate size: 1120mm H x 900mm W.

Grade A/B: Mixed grades.